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Rector’s Decision no. 2/2006

on publishing final work

under Act No. 111/1998 Coll., on Higher Education and on a change and supplement to other acts (the Universities Act), as amended, (hereinafter the Act).

Distribution list: Rector, Vice-Rectors, bursar, deans, secretaries, study vice-deans, study departments, library, computer centre.

Article I


This Decision is issued in accordance with the Internal Regulation on publishing final work at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (hereinafter AMU). The amendment to the Act requires the university under certain conditions to publish final work. This publishing may not be considered as “publishing and issuing a work” according to Section 4 of Act No. 121/2000 Coll., on Copyright, on copyright related rights and on a change to certain acts (the Copyright Act).

1. Using the database of non-gainful qualification work, AMU publishes Bachelor’s, diploma, dissertation and doctorate examination work (hereinafter the “final work”), for which a defence was undertaken, including the opinions of opponents and the results of defences according to Section 47b of the Act.

2. The final work will be published before the defence.

3. This Decision specifies the means of publishing the work.

Article 2

1.   Together with the prescribed printed version the author also submits the published work’s resource text on an electronic carrier. A consistent formal lay-out and other elements of a text-based final work are specified by the Methodology for the consistent lay-out, processing, storing and access to university qualification work at AMU (hereinafter the “Methodology”).

2.   The candidate submits the final work to the relevant faculty, where the final work will be available to applicants from the public to inspect and to take extracts (hereinafter the “applicant”) during the relevant faculty’s usual office hours in the presence of an authorised faculty employee.

3.   The applicant shall request the relevant faculty in writing four days in advance if they can inspect, take extracts, or a copy or duplicate as described in Section 47b (2).

4.   If there is a request for a copy or duplicate these shall be made by printing from an electronic carrier upon payment by the applicant. Payment shall be CZK 5 for one A4 format page.

5.   If extracts, copies and duplicates are made the applicant shall, after these are produced, write a list of the extracts, copies and duplicates that were made and submit it to the relevant faculty. The maximum extent of duplicates shall be ten pages from one work per applicant.

6.   After a successful defence the final work will immediately be submitted in accordance with the AMU Library Methodology.

Article 3

1.   The afore-mentioned procedure shall not exempt the faculty from its obligation to conclude a licensing agreement with students as the authors in the sense of the Copyright Act, in particular Section 35 of the Copyright Act, whose provisions shall remain unaffected. Upon enrolment of a specific student the faculty shall conclude at the beginning of studies a Master Licensing Agreement (see Annex no. 1), which forms the basis for the future provision of licensing rights for specific school works and school performances, including final work, as these will be gradually created and submitted to AMU. The Master Licensing Agreement defines the extent of licensing rights for individual school works in advance.

2.   Upon every submission of a material substratum with a school work (within 5 days of the call) the student (author) and AMU shall sign confirmation of the material substratum’s submission; this forms the provision of a Partial License for the relevant school work. Confirmation of the submission of the material substratum requires the previous supplementing of basic identification data (e.g. type, form and title of the school work) and, where necessary, may also contain special arrangements (e.g. divergences from the licensing agreements defined in advance or the school’s costs for creating the material substratum). An example of the confirmation on submission of the material substratum forms Annex A to the Master Licensing Agreement.

3.   The same also applies to the provision of a school work which has no relation to the material substratum (Annex B to the Master Licensing Agreement – model confirmation of the provision of a school work) and for the provision of a school performance (Annex C to the Master Licensing Agreement – model confirmation of the provision of a school performance).

4.   The Master Licensing Agreement, or its annexes, are signed in two copies. One belongs to the student, the second will be stored in accordance with the Documentary and Documentary Destruction Rules of AMU and shall be supplied with the documentary destruction sign “A”.

Article 4

Annex No. 1 to this Decision on the Master Licensing Agreement.

This Decision becomes effective on the date it is issued.

doc. Ivo Mathé, in his own hand.

Rector of AMU

Section 35 (3) of Act No. 121/2000 Coll., on copyright, on copyright related rights and on a change to certain acts (Copyright Act).

For example, Sections 46 to 51 of the Act No. 121/2000 Coll., on copyrights, on rights related to the copyright act and on a change to certain acts (the Copyright Act)

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