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General admission requirements

The general conditions of admission to the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague are governed by the Higher Education Act (no. 111/1998 Coll.), Art. 48 (1) and (2) and Art. 49 (1) – (3).

The basic requirements of admission to AMU are as follows:

    • It is possible to study in a Bachelor’s programme if the applicant has completed a secondary vocational or higher vocational education, or a secondary education with a school-leaving examination, and if he or she passes the entrance examination. In exceptional cases of extraordinary talent, it is possible to study at AMU without having completed a secondary education in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Higher Education Act.
    • It is possible to study in a Master’s or continuing Master’s programme upon completion of a Bachelor’s programme and passing the entrance examination.
    • It is possible to study in a PhD programme upon completion of a Master’s programme and passing the entrance examination.

All requirements and conditions of admission as well as application deadlines and other formalities are governed by decree of the Dean of the relevant faculty, and are posted on official noticeboards and on the faculty’s website.

Applications must be sent to the faculty by the set deadline and must contain all materials and supporting documents specified by the faculty; otherwise, the application will not be considered. The admission process is governed by the faculty’s requirements for the relevant field.

General admission requirements

International students can study for a semester or a full academic year in selected accredited programmes either through the LLP ERASMUS programme or other specified programmes, depending on the field. The requirements for admission are governed by the requirements and set deadlines of each individual programme.

International students can study at AMU either in an accredited year-round programme leading to the relevant degree, or in the exchange programme. Certain accredited programmes for international students can be studied in English subject to the relevant fee. If international students demonstrate sufficient knowledge of the Czech language, they can study the relevant field in this language without a fee. Students in the exchange programme can study in a relevant field of their choice, provided this programme has been approved in the form of a “learning agreement” signed by the relevant AMU faculty and by the student’s home university, through which he or she is participating in the exchange programme under LLP ERASMUS.

Students from countries outside Europe must request a long-term student visa prior to entering the Czech Republic.

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