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Students participate in general health insurance like every physical person on the territory of the Czech Republic. For purposes of health insurance, university students under 26 are considered unprovided-for children who are being systematically prepared for a future profession.

The university is required to provide notification of a student’s

  • entry into the school
  • termination of studies
  • interruption of studies
  • first day of resuming studies following an interruption

According to Section 54 of the Higher Education Act no. 111/1998 Coll. in effect since 1 January 1999, during an interruption of studies a person ceases to be a university student. A period of interrupted studies is not considered systematic preparation of an unprovided-for child for a future profession, and thus the state does not cover insurance premiums for the person during a period of interrupted studies.

Foreign students (incl. Slovak students) secure health care in their own country or arrange separate health insurance with one of the health insurers in the Czech Republic.

Information on insurance for long-term residents with VZPVšeobecná zdravotní pojišťovna can be obtained at: VZP, Prague 6, Vítězné nám. 9, tel. 2430 7246 or on

Health insurance is conditioned on long-term residence and an initial medical examination.

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