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Cost of living

The cost of living in the Czech Republic is lower than in the older EU member states. To cover basic expenses for meals, accommodation and transport, a student needs about EUR 250 – 300 per month.

Approximate prices of certain foodstuffs and other goods in Czech crowns (EUR):

  • Loaf of bread: 25 (1.00)
  • Milk (1 l): 15 (0.50)
  • Yogurt: 8 (0.30)
  • Beer (0.5 l): 15-20 (0.50-0.70)
  • McDonald’s meal: 100 (3.70)
  • Cinema ticket: 80-150 (3.00-5.50)
  • Postcard, letter to the USA (air mail): 18 (0.60)
  • Postcard, letter to the European countries: 17 (0.60)
  • Postcard, letter within the Czech Republic: 10 (0.40)

The cost of living per month is roughly EUR 400 per person: accommodation EUR 130, food EUR 120, transport (three-month ticket) EUR 30, personal expenses EUR 120. Travel expenses to and from the Czech Republic, and expenses for entertainment, clothing, etc. are not included.


The total cost of living for daytime study at a public university is CZK 8,163 per month on average. For students at private universities, the total cost of living is CZK 11,591 per month on average (excluding tuition). These results follow from a survey conducted by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports as part of the so-called Individual National Project.

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