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How to search for documents from the DAMU library collection

The DAMU library collection contains:
almost 30 000 books on the theatre and related magazines (most of the magazines were destroyed by flooding)
almost 1 000 university work assignments (most of the work assignments were destroyed by flooding)
about 500 study video cassettes
more than 1 100 DVDs on theatre and related subjects

over 300 CDs on theatre and related subjects
45 MCs with a theatre and related subject
almost 50 CD ROMs
All DAMU library collections are processed in an electronic catalogue.

What, how and where to search:

1. In the electronic catalogue CARMEN, which can be permanently accessed from any point, including from outside the library.

You can search under: the general type of document, types of document, author, translator, title, subject shelf-mark, publisher, actor etc.

Questions can be combined in different forms and gradually specified.

In a single base the electronic catalogue contains records of:
- books: complete records for books acquired since 1993; older records also exist, although these sometimes do not contain all data
- university work assignments (theses)
- related magazines
- video cassettes or films: access to the collection will only be possible on reserved computers in the DAMU library

After searching for the document you require you should check all the shelf-marks mentioned in the records and also whether the document is in the right place. Then give your requests to the staff to handle.

If you are not in the library you can reserve (or prolong) a document using the electronic catalogue CARMEN

Video records are only accessible in the electronic catalogue and ONLY on the video room premises.

Theses are available:
a) printed only in the library according to applicable regulations
b) since 2006 in a digital repository system, DSpace
at AMU (often including full versions).

2. In standard card catalogues (if you didn’t succeed in the electronic catalogue):
Books: by author or according to the subject shelf-mark
Texts of plays: by author or according to the subject shelf-mark
University work assignments: by author

3. In standard Card Catalogues
The Card Catalogues are accessible in the electronic form also.
You can browse here as if in drawers, although it’s not possible to search in them according to conditions.

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