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Erasmus Policy Statement

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Erasmus Policy Statement

The Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (AMU) is a highly selective school which puts emphasis on the excellence of teaching and learning and on an individual approach to students. Given the fact that all students enrolled at AMU have succeeded in a demanding admission process, strict admission criteria are applied for incoming and outgoing students in the framework of the ERASMUS program. For incoming international students, the Academy tries to provide each of them with as individual and tailor-made approach as possible, and with comparable conditions for study as those for regular students; an effort is made in order to use the best of the staff´s teaching experience and expertise, and to offer those fields of study which are, in the context of european art schools, unique and of the highest standard. AMU negotiates the best conditions of admission for its outgoing students in partner schools and institutions, putting emphasis on the fact that international study experience should not be just a variation of the study experience students are likely to achieve at AMU, but that every international placement – for study or work – should enlarge students capacities and competencies in the fields which are less developed in AMU study programs. In this sense, AMU supports variety and richness of artistic approaches, constant innovation of teaching methods, and intercultural cooperation. The same principles are put in practise in the case of staff mobilities whose aim is – among others – further development of AMU study programs, their improvement and ongoing comparison within the international context.

a) AMU monitors – not only through ERASMUS mobilities, but also through teachers´ and students´participation in international festivals, competitions, conferences, workshops, and also thanks to rich and vivid professional contacts within art fields – the tendencies in art education especially within Europe, but also in non-European countries. This monitoring helps AMU to renew the list of partner schools regularly and to start cooperation with institutions showing an understanding for new developments in theatre, film, music and dance. This process takes into account very quick changes in those fields, in order to offer to students – incoming as well as outgoing – education corresponding to the „pulse of the era“. At present, AMU has approximately 160 bilateral agreements with partner institutions in Europe for all three faculties; the agreements have always been – and will continue to be – signed with art schools of high artistic standards, after careful comparison of methodical approaches and analysis of strong sides of the partner institution.

b) The Academy of Performing Arts in Prague actively cooperates with prestigious art schools and universities especially within Europe. This cooperation will be carried on, based not only on strong common cultural and historical roots uniting individual European artistic cultures, but also on permanent transcending of borders (geographical and artistic) and on the sense of mobility--for study and for work—characteristic of the young generation of students and artists. While AMU has not been involved in non-European ERASMUS programs, an opening in this direction is envisioned in the future (through the new ERASMUS for ALL program), especially towards countries and regions where cooperation and strategic partnerships have already been established through other programs (USA, Russia, the Near East, South Korea). When choosing the prospective partners, the Academy will take into account the cultural tradition of the region, the potential for mutual enrichment, the proximity of fields of studies and possibilities of recognition of students´ learning experience.

c) One of the main goals of international mobilities is – apart from supporting students´ individual international experience, creativity, autonomy and self-management – to reinforce the international image and prestige of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague as a dynamic, modern school, which draws on its long-term artistic and pedagogical tradition on one hand, but which opens itself to new trends and genres on the other hand, supporting interdisciplinarity and cross-cultural meetings. AMU´s priority will continue to be mobilities of the most experienced students who are able to gain profit from the comparison of different schools and from professional experience obtained through work placements; special attention will be paid to mobilities of PhD students whose international experience can be directly put in practise through various forms of teaching, such as workshops etc. AMU will also support younger students, especially those whose evincible study results guarantee further promising development of artistic talent. Last, but not least, AMU´s new generation of teachers, recruited among emerging talented artists, will help to ensure, through pedagogical mobilities, constant comparison of teaching and artistic methods; examples of the best practice will be shared with the management team of the faculty and the whole Academy, and, if relevant, they will be implemented.

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