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Diploma Supplement

AMU was awarded Diploma Supplement Label at the ceremony in Brussels on June 11, 2009.

DSIn the school year 2005/2006 – 1 November 2005 – all three Faculties of AMU began issuing authomatically, to all Bachelor's and Master's graduates in Prague, a gratis Diploma Supplement document in the Czech and English languages.

The Attendance and Examination Regulations of AMU have established the requirement of the schools to issue the Diploma Supplement corresponding to the model created by the European Commission, the European Council and UNESCO/CEPES.  The issuing of the Supplement was decreed in 2006 by law No.#111/1998 Sb., regarding higher education in effect.

The Diploma Supplement provides for fair academic and professional recognition of qualifications attained in The Czech Republic and abroad.

Diploma Supplement Label

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