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What I have to do before submitting my completed work for the defence

1)      Submit at least two (find out the exact number at your faculty) printed exemplars of the written part of the work, prepared according to the prescribed internal and external requirements (instructions and samples are available on the AMU website).

2)      Submit a record, i.e. the full text, of this written work on a clearly labelled CD ROM and in ONE file. The contents must be completely identical to the printed version!

3)      If stipulated by a faculty regulation, also submit a record of the practical part of the work (artwork, interpretive performance, etc.), ideally on a CDR or DVD.

4)      In the Academic Information System (KOS), fill in all information about all parts of your work, i.e. separately for the written part and for the practical or artistic part.

This information must be filled in even if you do not submit a recorded version of the practical/artistic work on a data storage device (e.g. because the concert was not recorded, etc.). All information about the work and its execution must be filled in, i.e. enter all the actors, compositions, etc.!

Instructions and contextual help are available in the KOS system.

5)      Print out from KOS and submit two signed exemplars of the Framework Licence Agreement (if you have not already done so).

6)      Next, print out from KOS again two exemplars of the relevant annex of the Licence Agreement for each separately submitted work, and sign and submit them at the department.

5 January 2010

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