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Guide to completing the UQW form in KOS for faculty staff

Storing new work


You should store new work by choosing one of the offered buttons, according to the type of stored work. You can use this guide to help you select the right type of work.


How to complete the individual boxes:




- the text of the work title on the title page must be in conformity

- do not use any special graphic design (e.g. according to the title page)

- use valid grammatical rules

- do not use capital letters or any other special lettering

- do not write a full stop after the title

- the designation of the type of work (e.g. diploma) does not form part of the title

- if the whole work is in a language other than Czech enter the title here in the language of the whole work





Correct: Petr Eben : analysis of the chamber work


Wrong: Puccini: TURANDOT – comprehensive set design approaches

Wrong: Diploma work : the viola through the centuries

Correct: the viola through the centuries


Untitled interpretational (or other) performance:


- in the box Title enter according to the example:


Surname, Name of the student_:_bachelor concert

Surname, Name of the student_:_pedagogic record

- in the title do not enter the names of works which have been interpreted – these are entered by the student in the relevant boxes




Wrong: Bachelor’s concert

Correct: Title: Jan Novák_:_bachelor concert


Wrong: Pedagogic record

Correct: Title: Jana Malá_:_pedagogic record

Wrong: A.P.Tchehov : The Bear

Correct: Title: Jan Malý_:_acting performance


and so on.




- enter at the beginning in lower-case

- the type of text work (Bachelor’s etc.) is not entered here; for interpretational performances a Subtitle is not entered.


Author – recorded in KOS

Date of birth of the UQW author – recorded in KOS


People involved in supervising the UQW – select from the offer


People involved in opposing the UQW – select from the offer


Date the UQW is created / submitted – The date the work is submitted to be defended is usually entered as DD-MM-YYYY.


Example: 05-07-2007


For performances (pedagogic record, concert, acting performance) the date it is held is entered.


Name of the allocated degree – entered from KOS


Study programme type – entered from KOS


Study programme – entered from KOS


Field of study – entered from KOS



(updated 22. 4. 2008)


Iva Horová

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