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Submitting final work (UQW)

Information for AMU students


(valid for both printed and electronic versions)


Instructions for the formal layout of the work are binding (Rector’s Decision No. 4/2006) !


You can find all related valid documents on the web in the section Studies/Bachelor’s and Master’s work:

- The Rector’s Decisions on publishing final work No. 2/2006 and No. 3/2006 (following the amendment to the Copyright Act now regulated by Decision No.)

- The Methodology for uniform layout, drafting, storage and publication of UQW at AMU

- Instruction for the creation and uniform layout of UQW at AMU

- text of the Licensing Agreement


The following steps should be followed when submitting work to be defended :


1) usually submit two (the exact number to be defined by the Faculty) printed examples of the theoretical part of the work in the prescribed layout

2) submit a record of this theoretical part on a clearly designated CD ROM (the content must be identical with the printed version)

3) if stipulated by a Faculty rule or regulation, also submit a record of the practical part of the work (artistic work, interpretational performance etc.), ideally on CDR, DVD

4) in the study information system (KOS) complete all stipulated data on all parts of your work, i.e. also practical/artistic work. This data should also be completed if the practical/artistic work is not submitted recorded on a data carrier (e.g. although a concert has not been played all stipulated data on its performance are completed) !

5) print out the report on each submitted work from the form in KOS and send it signed together with the work

6) submit two signed copies of the Master Licensing Agreement and for each individual part of the work the relevant Annex to the Licensing Agreement, again in two copies


- In order to complete the registration data on the UQW you need to register in the AMU portal and in KOS.

- The Instruction to begin completion is announced by the Faculty studies department.

- If you discover that your forms are not accessible, or that they contain incorrect data, you should contact the studies department.

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