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Conversion to PDF format

Prior to submission, it is necessary to convert a text work and any pictorial annexes to PDF format, which is intended for long-term archiving.

To ensure that the resulting PDF file is searchable and in the correct archival format, the conversion from the input format must be standardised.

At AMU, this purpose is served by “print2pdf”. Here (after logging into the AMU network with your name and password), files in OpenOffice, MS Office, JPEG and other formats can be converted into PDF files.

The new PDF file and the source file (from OpenOffice, MS Office, etc.) must be copied onto a CD or DVD, which must be submitted together with the printed version of the work.

The submitted data storage device (the CD or DVD) should thus usually contain two files:

  • the resulting PDF file
  • the source file, in which the work was written
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