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Basic information on university theses at AMU

  • Starting 1 January 2006, the amended Higher Education Act, requires all higher education institutions to make Bachelor’s, Master’s and doctoral theses, and in certain cases also other university theses (hereinafter theses) accessible by means of a database (Section 47b).
  • In response to the amended Act, AMU has introduced an internal regulation on the manner of publishing theses – Decree of the Rector No. 2/2006, which stipulates the general conditions and manner of such publication.
  • In order to meet its statutory obligation, the school must also organise the collection of necessary information. The methodology of the uniform formal structure and preparation, the collection of descriptive information, as well as the submission, provision of accessibility, and archiving of these papers are governed by Decree of the Rector No. 4/2009.
  • The drafting and preparation of text papers are governed by Decree of the Rector No. 4/2006 with the annex entitled Samples.
  • In accordance with Act No. 216/2006 Coll., as amended, which modifies Act No. 121/2000 Coll. on Copyright and Rights Related to Copyright and on Amendments to Certain Acts (the Copyright Act), a written licence agreement is concluded at AMU with authors for the purpose of making theses accessible.
  • The licence agreement is concluded between the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague as the acquirer of the licence, represented by the Dean of the relevant faculty, and the author of the work.
  • Information for records on all types of theses including information for the licence agreement is collected through the Academic Information System (KOS), from which the agreement is also printed. Additional information is available in the Instructions for Filling In the Licence Agreement – see the Instructions.
  • The instruction to begin filling in information is issued by the Student Affairs Office of the relevant faculty.
  • In the event that the author does not agree to providing a licence to publish the work, this fact must be expressed by the author in writing in the licence agreement.
  • Information concerning the practical/artistic part of the work or performance is required and must be filled in as well. For this purpose, the relevant forms for each type of work have been prepared in the KOS system.
  • Please prepare the submitted electronic version in the recommended formats.
  • AMU will make accessible all defended works in electronic form (in accordance with the licence agreement signed by the author) in the AMU digital repository in the DSpace system.
  • In accordance with the latest amendment to the Copyright Act, all printed works will also be made accessible to interested parties for on-site use in the relevant AMU faculty libraries.


Updated: 16 May 2016

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