The long-awaited Agreement on Cooperation in the Digital Restoration of Czech Films between FAMU and NFA was signed at the Ministry of Culture on 4 June 2018 at 11:00 am.

Zdeněk Holý, Dean of FAMU, comments: “I am really happy that the agreement between FAMU and NFA on the digitising and restoring of the Czech cinematography collections was signed today at the Ministry of Culture. The case that filled the Czech media and troubled the Czech cinema is over for me. The agreement is a win for all sides. The FAMU Studio will do the sampling where the memory of major living authors will be preserved in the form of restored signature scenes. The actual restoration will be done at NFA – which I have always believed is the right place to do this – with the involvement of the representatives of professional associations. Huge thanks are due to everybody involved, in particular Jaroslav Brabec who authored the initial wording of the agreement, the CEO of NFA Michal Bregant, Helena Bezděk Fraňková and Richard Němec from the State Cinematography Fund, MP Petr Gazdík from the Culture Committee of the House of Deputies of the Czech Parliament, Minister of Culture Ilja Šmíd and, last but not least, the Rector of AMU Jan Hančil.”

6. června 2018