Michael Schwab, šéfredaktor Journal for Artistic Research, hostem Teritorií umění

Tématem 9. ročníku konference doktorandů a doktorandek uměleckých oborů Teritoria umění je umělecký výzkum. Jedním z hostů doprovodného programu bude i Michael Schwab, šéfredaktor odborného časopisu Journal for Artistic Research. Jeho příspěvek Artistic Research: Making a Case je na programu první den konference, 10. 11. od 13:30 do 15:00.

Michael Schwab is a London-based artist and artistic researcher who investigates post-conceptual uses of technology in a photography, drawing, printmaking, and installation art. He holds a M.A. in philosophy (Hamburg University) and a PhD in photography (Royal College of Art, London). He is the founding Editor-in-Chief of the Journal for Artistic Research (JAR), co-editor of Intellectual Birdhouse. Artistic Practice as Research (2012), The Exposition of Artistic Research: Publishing Art in Academia (2013) and Futures of the Contemporary. Contemporaneity, Untimeliness, and Artistic Research (2019), among others. Through a focus on experimentation and the exposition of practice as research, Schwab has developed a conceptual approach that links artistic freedom with academic criticality in support of what has been called the 'practice turn in contemporary theory'.

Journal for Artistic Research
JAR is a peer-reviewed, biannual journal, whose goal is to publish original research from artists of all disciplines and promote the renegotiation of art's relationship to academia by coupling an innovative approach to publishing with peer-reviewing and scholarly rigor. A free, online resource, the journal aims to display and document practice in a manner that respects artistic modes of presentation. JAR uses the Research Catalogue, which provides a free-to-use online writing space where text can be woven together with image, audio and video material. The result is a journal that promotes experimental approaches to “writing” and provides a unique „reading“ experience, while carefully fulfilling the expectations of a peer-reviewed academic journal.

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