For the second time, DAMU will host an international festival Prague Quadrennial – this year in the form of its sub-section called PQ Studio: Festival. From June 6th to June 16th 2019, we will introduce more than 60 international theatre productions, performances, concerts and installations.

PQ Studio: Festival is organized year-round by dozens of theatre production students from Prague’s Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts (DAMU) as an alternative to the annual Zlomvaz festival, which last year celebrated its 25th anniversary. In its later stages, they are joined by other disciplines, in particular students from the Department of Scenography and the Department of Theory and Criticism, who put together the festival magazine, PASQUIL, which every day presents a diverse range of reports, interviews, and reviews related to recent performances and workshops. The main festival presents a selection of works by students from the Department of Dramatic Theatre and the Department of Alternative and Puppet Theatre.

Tickets and program: https://goout.net/en/festivals/pq-studio-festival/tllee/+jhpcm/

17. května 2019