GREEN ERASMUS+ - encouraging environmentally sound travels

Students who go for Erasmus stays may obtain a grant if they use an environmentally sound mode of transport.

The new Erasmus+ programming period for the years 2021–2027 brings many new features and topics, including the GREEN ERASMUS+ project aiming at systematically reducing the negative environmental impact of the programme.

We offer an increase of the grant by EUR 50 if you choose an environmentally friendlier mode of transport (surface mass transport – trains, buses…). At the same time, the mobility participants who choose an environmentally friendlier mode of transport can use an eligible period of travel extended by 4 days.

Contribute towards reducing the carbon footprint of your travels!


The objective of the GREEN ERASMUS+ concept is to improve the environmental sustainability of the Erasmus+ while contributing towards an environmentally responsible approach across Europe.

The objectives of GREEN ERASMUS+ are:

The specific steps that will lead towards achieving the goals include:

16. June 2021