Chemnitz 2025: Call for Cross-border Cooperations Between Czech Republic, Poland and Germany (Germany)

Chemnitz and 38 partner municipalities and communities in the Central Saxony, Erzgebirge and Zwickau region will be the European Capital of Culture 2025. The organisers are running a number of open calls, including one for cross-border cooperation with partners in the Czech Republic, Poland, and Germany (within the 38 partner municipalities and communities of the cultural region).

The call intends to network the creative artists and the cultural and artistic institutions in this three-country region in order to define the new social challenges from different perspectives. The idea is for interested parties to have an opportunity to get to know each other, thereby laying the foundations for potential, sustainable, regional and international cooperation.

An aspect of particular interest is discovering ways in which the cultural differences in living conditions where the three countries meet represent a source of wealth for Europe as well as underscoring common ground as a connecting element. The intention is to exchange ideas on all levels, from everyday culture to high culture. Peace and remembrance work are to play a prominent role in this. Activities around the Capital of Culture year 2025 aim to sustainably strengthen relations between the people of this region and foster visible cross-border cooperation.

Kulturhauptstadt Europas Chemnitz 2025 GmbH will provide support to bilateral or trilateral cooperation projects as part of a two-stage process.

Stage 1 is an ideas competition with a submission period from 27 February to 31 August 2023. If selected by the advisory board, the project idea is worked out in stage 2 and developed into a project plan. Projects in this stage will be financed for a maximum of 5000 EUR.

Stage 2 consists of a project development process starting on 1 May 2024, based on the project plans developed in the first stage and updated in the second stage, with the aim of implementation in the Capital of Culture year 2025. The second advisory board will review the submitted project plans (including budget) and recommend them for implementation in the Capital of Culture year.

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18. May 2023