Write any questions or suggestions related to COVID-19 and the mode of operation at AMU to . All topical information will be published on an ongoing basis and as soon as possible on AMU’s website. Recommendations for students, teachers and other AMU employees.


You have a positive COVID-19 test result:

Please follow the rules that currently apply to this situation at I tested positive – Covid Portal (

a) Presence at AMU (including all sections) is forbidden.

b) Immediately inform (via telephone/e-mail) your line manager; students inform the secretariat of their Department; the manager/secretariat reports COVID-positive cases to . Students should inform their department even if they have not yet started attending classes at AMU and did not attend classes at AMU during the relevant period. If a COVID-positive student reports this to their teacher, the teacher shall inform the secretariat of their department immediately.

c) During the quarantine, students are excused from instruction.

d) If a student, teacher or other employee was present at AMU during the relevant/critical period, i.e., within the past 5 calendar days, they shall inform their manager (students inform the department secretariat) of all the times when they were present at AMU and any events, exams or classes they attended for tracing purposes. The line manager of the infected person and/or the secretariat of a Department of an infected student shall inform everyone who met the COVID-positive person at.

If you met a person with a positive COVID-19 test result:

Please follow the rules that currently apply to this situation at I was identified as a risky contact – Covid Portal (

a) Inform your line manager immediately (students inform the secretariat of their Department), the manager/secretariat then informs AMU management via .

b) Strictly observe sanitary measures.

c) Preventively use respiratory protection beyond the requirements of the ordinance of the Ministry of Health (when encountering students, colleagues or friends).

If you exhibit symptoms of COVID-19 or a virus/respiratory disease in general:

a) Call/e-mail your GP, sanitary authority or quick-response medical service and observe their instructions.

b) Immediately inform your line manager (students inform the secretariat of their Department); the manager/secretariat informs AMU management via .

c) Stay at home even without a medical recommendation, refrain from participating in collective events, and observe sanitary measures (beyond the scope of the MoH ordinance) and principles of quarantine.

d) As much as possible, teachers shall transfer their classes online or will arrange with the department officials on cancelling the classes or substituting for them at another time.

e) Students shall apply with teachers for being excused from mandatory attendance in classes.