Household Rules

  1. These Household Rules are binding for all dwellers, visitors and employees of the AMU dormitory.
  2. Dwellers are obligated to pay the accommodation charge in a timely and due manner under the accommodation agreement, i.e., the charge for the current calendar month must be paid by the 15th day of the following calendar month.
  3. The dormitory has a quiet hours policy that must be observed, with quiet hours being in effect from 10 pm (22:00) until 6 am (6:00).
  4. Visits to dormitory rooms are allowed during the period from 8 am to 10 pm. Any exceptions are subject to the approval of the Head of the Dormitory or their deputy. The person visited is responsible for ensuring that the visitor duly checks in, behaves properly and duly checks out. Visitors are not allowed to stay overnight without the prior approval of the Head of the Dormitory.
  5. Smoking is strictly prohibited in all the interiors of the dormitory.
  6. Dwellers must not loan their ISIC room cards to anyone else – the cards are not transferable.
  7. Dwellers shall keep their assigned rooms in order (untidy rooms will not be cleaned as scheduled), spare all the dormitory equipment including in the common areas, and avoid damaging the walls and furniture by decoration. It is forbidden to rearrange and dismantle room furniture and swap furniture between rooms. Any changes to the equipment are possible subject to the approval of the Head of the Dormitory.
  8. Dwellers shall observe the general principles of civil coexistence and respect the other dwellers’ privacy and right to quiet both at night to rest and in daytime to study.
  9. Pets are not allowed on the dormitory premises, not even for brief visits.
  10. No weapons or ammunition may be carried, held or otherwise kept in the dormitory; it is forbidden to use, produce or keep narcotic and psychotropic substances or poisons.
  11. Prior to checking out at the dormitory reception desk, the dweller shall leave the room duly cleaned, return any items borrowed, and pay any damage they may have caused.

Prague, 31 March 2022

Andrea Zíková
Head of AMU Dormitory and Training Centre