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AMU’s theatre faculty was established in 1945 and is thus the oldest university-level theatre faculty in the Czech Republic. Since its establishment, the conception and instructional trends at DAMU have undergone a complex development, in which societal transformations are reflected especially strongly. The search continues at present, and is open to all fruitful domestic and international ideas. It is driven by an attempt to make use of and develop the best which Czech theatre has achieved in the context of the international theatre scene, and in which DAMU graduates have participated and continue to participate to such a significant degree. It is also mostly from among them that pedagogues of the young generation are recruited, and it is through their engagement that the faculty secures its future.

At the present time, there are seven departments at the school:


Department of Dramatic Theatre | DAMU
Department of Alternative and Puppet Theatre | DAMU
Department of Scenography | DAMU
Department of Arts Management | DAMU
Department of Drama in Education | DAMU
Department of Authorial Creativity and Pedagogy | DAMU
Department of Theory and Criticism | DAMU


doc. MgA. Mgr. Karel František Tománek


E-mail: karel.tomanek@damu.cz
Phone: 234 244 201
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FOTO doc. MgA. Mgr. Karel František TOMÁNEK

Theatre Faculty

Karlova 26, 116 65 Praha 1
Phone: +420 234 244 211
FAX: +420 234 244 216
e-mail: info@damu.cz
Secretariat: Mgr. Linda Lidmilová

At the dawn of the 1960s, FAMU became a natural centre of the Czechoslovak new wave, whose works constituted Czech film’s hitherto most significant contribution to world cinematography. Today, FAMU is on the TOP 15 International Film Schools list, which is published annually by The Hollywood Reporter, and its students, pedagogues and fresh graduates enjoy many successes at home and abroad.

FAMU is a founding member of the International Association of Film and Television Schools (CILECT), the European League of Institutes of the Arts (ELIA), the European Grouping of Film and Television Schools (GEECT) and the European Film Academy, and it is also an institutional member of the Czech Society for Film Studies (CEFS). FAMU plays a significant role in involving its pedagogues and researchers in international professional organisations, and it collaborates with Czech Television as well as foreign television companies. FAMU is also successfully developing the Production in Hollywood subject, which familiarises students with leading personalities of the American film and television industry.

FAMU has five accredited academic programmes and eleven departments offering programmes in twelve fields in Czech and four fields in English. In addition, the faculty also offers a University of the Third Age course. At the present time, there are 11 departments at the school.


Departments | FAMU


PhDr. Mgr. Andrea Slováková, Ph.D., MBA


E-mail: andrea.slovakova@famu.cz
Phone: 234 244 302
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Film and TV School

Smetanovo nábřeží 2
116 65  Praha 1

Phone: (420) 234 244 301

Secretariat: Mgr. Kristýna Šperková

AMU’s Music and Dance Faculty (HAMU) was established in 1945 as one of the Academy’s three components, following on from the Prague Conservatory master school (the second oldest institution of its kind in Europe). HAMU is located in Prague’s historic centre, in the premises of Lichtenštejnský Palace and Hartigovský Palace.

The school provides top-level education in music and dance programmes at all three academic levels (Bachelor’s, Master’s and doctoral) in Czech and in English. In the thematic area of the Art of Music, instruction is provided in composition; conducting; voice and operatic directing; keyboard, wind, string and percussion instruments; chamber music and jazz interpretation; music theory; sound design and music production. Students in most fields can earn a teaching credential. In the Art of Dance programme, instruction is provided in choreography, dance science, dance pedagogy and non-verbal theatre.

The faculty’s graduates perform successfully as soloists on prominent Czech and world stages, and find employment in orchestras, theatres and educational institutions, in the independent professional sphere and in state administration.


Composition | HAMU
Conducting | HAMU
Voice and Opera Directing | HAMU
Keyboard Instruments | HAMU
String Instruments | HAMU
Woodwind and Brass Instruments | HAMU
Percussion Instruments | HAMU
Jazz Music | HAMU
Music Theory | HAMU
Music Management | HAMU
Sound Design | HAMU
Dance | HAMU
Nonverbal Theater | HAMU
Musical-Theoretical Disciplines | HAMU
Piano Accompaniment | HAMU
Chamber Music Performance | HAMU
Historically Informed Interpretation | HAMU
Contemporary Music | HAMU


prof. Ivan Klánský


E-mail: ivan.klansky@hamu.cz
Phone: 234 244 102
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Music and Dance Faculty

Malostranské náměstí 258/13, Praha 1

Phone: +420 234 244 111

Secretariat: Jitka Komrsová