The AMU Sports, Rehabilitation and Movement Centre (CPPSR AMU) is an AMU facility with a school-wide purview at all three faculties – the Theatre Faculty, the Film and TV School, and the Music and Dance Faculty.

Through the pedagogical process and in cooperation with individual faculties, the Centre enables students to leave the school equipped with requisite knowledge in movement, professional physical fitness and habits, and how to preserve this fitness. The AMU Sports, Rehabilitation and Movement Centre endeavours to help students understand that there is a deeper connection between movement and life, for through movement we learn much more about ourselves and about others. Thanks to movement, we converge on a wonderful sensation where mind and body function as one.

The Centre’s goal is to provide such instruction that will enable all students to become integrated into a system of movement both during their studies and afterwards, and in so doing – in view of their artistic focus and professional needs – to receive a comprehensive education in movement.

The movement system of the work done at CPPSR AMU is based on the real needs of individual arts schools, an orientation in body culture and the need to pursue physical education to compensate for a significant decline in natural movement impulses, and the need to use movement activity to help come to terms with psychological burdens and to improve physical fitness and personal well-being. As the needs and requirements of individual faculties and disciplines are the Centre’s first priority, its programmes include basic harmonious physical development, conditioning in a wide range of movement, and health improvement, as well as a special, technical component with practical applications in individual disciplines. Emphasis is placed on mastering muscle control, fluent coordination and proper body posture, as well as special skills in a diverse range of movement.

Theatre Faculty

At the Theatre Faculty, the Centre offers an exercise programme in coordination focusing on the movement aspects of acting and culminating in creative application. It also offers a programme of combative exercises focusing mainly on stage fencing.

Film and TV School

At the Film and TV School, CPPSR AMU endeavours to orient students in movement culture and to provide them with an overview of the main areas of sports. They will also have opportunities to select other activities which are important for individual disciplines and socially significant.

Music and Dance Faculty

At the Music and Dance Faculty, emphasis is placed on compensatory and rehabilitative exercises as well as relaxation exercises. Exercise prevents inflammation of the joints and nerves, improper body posture, as well as pain in the back, arms and hands. In view of the time-consuming nature of the programmes, the Centre offers a range of exercise times throughout the day, as well as a selection of exercises intended to suit students’ individual programmes.

Through regular weekly instruction, the Centre offers a range of summer and winter courses which are very popular. At present, CPPSR AMU is also organising preparatory courses for the entering first-year classes at all three AMU faculties.