Information for participants

Dear AMU students,

Select the programme which suits you. Movement is not only fun. It also contributes to improving one’s health, uplifting one’s spirits, reducing stress, cultivating a flexible body, and slowing the natural aging process. Movement and sports are an integral part of modern life. Include them in your lifestyle. You can also continue to pursue sporting activities with us after completing your studies at the Arts Schools’ Sports Club (SKUŠ – Sportovní klub uměleckých škol). We offer a wide range of activities at various levels of exercise and intensity. We look forward to seeing you.

Important information for all participants

1) Classes which are part of required faculty or school programmes are intended for duly registered students. Classes at the Arts Schools’ Sports Club can be attended by students, teachers, employees and other club members.
2) When participating in sports activities organised by CPPSR AMU or the Arts Schools’ Sports Club, please follow the facility’s rules of conduct and course regulations, and respect teachers’ instructions.
3) It is the responsibility of those participating in physical education activities to be insured against personal injury.
4) Participants must conduct themselves in such a way so as not to cause injury to others or to incur damages to the sports facility.
5) Immediately inform the teacher of any injury occurring during such activity.
6) Prior to and during the course of all events organised by CPPSR AMU or the Arts Schools’ Sports Club, participants must not consume alcoholic beverages or narcotics.
7) In view of the systematic nature of the activities, we kindly ask participants to attend regularly. 
8) You will find comprehensive information on opportunities to play sports in the CPPSR and Arts Schools’ Sports Club regulations or at CPPSR AMU. 
9) Constructive criticism of the CPPSR and Arts Schools’ Sports Club activities is welcome.

Important addresses

Pohybové studio AMU

Tržiště 18, Praha 1

tel: 234 244 564

Sokol Malá Strana

U lanové dráhy 3, Praha 1

Gymnázium J. Keplera

Parléřova 2, Praha 6

ČOS Žižkov

Na Balkáně 812, Praha 3

Katedra nonverbálního divadla

Malostranské nám. 12, Praha 1

Sokol Tyršův dům

Újezd 450, Praha 1


Malostranské nám. 12, Praha 1


Pod Juliskou 4, Praha 6