Since 1 September 2016, the use of identification cards has been governed at AMU by Decree of the Rector No. 7/2016 on the use of identification cards at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague.

An identification card can be obtained while you wait and free of charge (without an ISIC/ITIC licence) here.

The card serves as legal identification for AMU students.

The card also serves as a patron card for AMU libraries.

After it is charged up, the card can be used to print, copy and scan in AMU buildings.

An ISIC (or ITIC, for pedagogues) licence enables the cardholder to obtain discounts on travel, at ski resorts, on admission to cultural events, etc. Updated information about discounts, insurance, etc., is available here.

Identification cards also provide access to certain AMU premises and to rooms at the Hradební student residence.

For those who do not have Opencard or Lítačka, the card can substitute for an identification card from the Prague Public Transport Company (Dopravní podnik).

Students can select from the following two types of identification cards:

AMU student card (free of charge, without an ISIC licence):

AMU student card with an ISIC licence (CZK 230, with an ISIC licence):

Other identification cards used at AMU

AMU pedagogue card with an ITIC licence (CZK 230, with an ITIC licence):

AMU employee card (free of charge, without an ITIC licence):

Identification card for an external user of AMU services:

You can obtain identification cards in the Výdejní centrum UK Praha. You will need a civic identification card or passport. They will take your picture while you wait.

It is possible to pay for ISIC and ITIC cards and stickers in the Výdejní centrum UK Praha using cash or a payment card.