the promise of photography: scale, measure and proportion in a conflicted visual milieu

17. September 2021 15:00 -
17. September 2021 21:00

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This online conference marks the culmination of the Prague based collaborative research project: Scale, Measure and Proportion in Contemporary Visual Cultures. It is organised in collaboration with Philosophy of Photography to celebrate the journal's 10th anniversary and hosted by FAMU (the Photography Department of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague). It brings together researchers from a range of fields to explore the conceptual constellation of measure and dismeasure, proportion and disproportion, scalability and unscalability and to examine the material forms and processes denoted by these terms as they combine to shape the contemporary visual milieu.

Keynote speaker: Peter Szendy (David Herlihy Professor of Comparative Literature and Humanities, Brown University, USA).

Speakers: Bernd Behr (Camberwell. College of Arts London), Martin Charvát (FAMU & Metropolitan University Prague), Tomáš Dvořák (FAMU Prague), Andrew Fisher (FAMU Prague), Alex Fletcher (Royal College of Art London), Anke Hennig (Ludwig Maximillian University Munich) and Daniel Rubinstein (Central Saint Martins College of Art London).