Franco Moretti: Simulating Dramatic Networks

28. February 2020 10:00 -
28. February 2020 12:00

Professor Emeritus of Stanford University Franco Moretti will deliver a lecture entitled “Simulating Dramatic Networks” on the 28th of February at 10 AM at the Czech Academy of Sciences. The renowned literary theorist has accepted the invitation of the Czech Literary Bibliography (the Institute for Czech Literature of the Czech Academy of Sciences) and the journal for the performing arts and artistic research ArteActa (the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague).

Franco Moretti is recognized as a pioneer in the field of digital research and, at the same time, responsible for breaking through a number of common assumptions, for example, that cultural artifacts cannot be understood by their being measured, or that scholars of the humanities can only merely interpret their objects of interest in various ways. With his team in the Stanford Literary Lab, which he headed in 2010–2017, he attempted the very opposite (the concept of “distant reading”) and in doing so brought a sizable community of so-called distance readers over to his side.

Professor Franco Moretti’s lecture “Simulating Dramatic Networks” will take place in the main building of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Národní třída 3 (lecture hall no. 206) on Friday the 28th, February 2020 at 10:00 AM. The lecture will be conducted in English.
The lecture is free of charge after registering at

Part of the lecture will be introductory words by Vojtěch Malínek (Czech Literary Bibliography) and the presentation of the latest issue of the journal ArteActa, in whose last issue features a Czech translation of Moretti’s work Network Theory, Plot Analysis, which deals with, among other things, an analysis of Hamlet by William Shakespeare, accompanied by an article on Moretti’s work from František A. Podhajský.

Akademie věd ČR

Národní 3, Praha 1

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