Project competition

In accordance with Article 3(1) of Rector's Decree No. 9/2020 (hereinafter referred to as "the Decree"),

I hereby announce


for the allocation and use of institutional support for the long-term conceptual development of a research organisation in 2023


1. The rules of the Project Competition are governed by Rector's Decree No. 9/2020.

2. In accordance with Article 4, paragraph 1 of the Decree, the second round of the competition for 2023 is open for short-term (1-2 years) projects.

3. Budget limits are not set for 2023 for individual projects.

4. Competition schedule:

  • 7.2.2023 - announcement of the competition 
  • 27.2.2023 at 13:00 - deadline for applications at individual faculties
  • 6.3.2023 - 15.3.2023 - meeting of faculty grant committees (formulation of recommendations on individual projects for the AMU Grant Committee) 
  • Until 29.3.2023 - AMU Grant Committee meeting 
  • By 31.3.2023 - publication of the decision on acceptance / non-acceptance / acceptance with budget reduction 
  • According to Article 6(9) of the Decree, interim reports are to be submitted by 15 February each year 
  • Final reports shall be submitted by 31 January in accordance with Article 6(3) of the Decree 

5. Publication activities

The managers of approved projects in which a publication is planned to be published by NAMU are obliged to agree with the Director of the publishing house a binding timetable for the preparation of the publication for publication by 30 April 2023. Publication plans shall be submitted to the Editorial Committee according to the timetable specified in the Policy for Projects with Publication Outputs. 

6. Promotion

Invitations to cultural events supported by the projects and other promotional materials related to the supported projects must be sent to Hanna Št'astná, PR Manager of AMU ( at least 14 days before the event.

7. Additional information on Round 2

The project competition is intended to support scientific research projects. Some of the projects submitted for Round 1 were more focused on artistic research, support for teaching, infrastructure renewal or support for the activities of institutional departments, i.e. funding a whole range of research topics. The Project Competition is better suited to clearly delimited projects with a single and specific theme. Approximately CZK 2.5 million will be distributed in the second round.