In the Czech Republic, the results of individual research organisations are collected in the Index of Information about Results (RIV) database , which is part of the Information System for Research, Development and Innovation (ISVaV), and evaluated according to the current Methodology for Evaluating the Results of Research Organisations.

The definition of the results that can be entered into the RIV can be found here .

The number of points for the individual outputs can be found here . The overview is only a benchmark; point scores are further adjusted according to percentage limits for individual types of results in different fields.

The currently valid list of reviewed non-impacted journals can be found here ; a selection modified for AMU authors (including impacted journals) can be found here .

Results authored by AMU academic staff or students can be found here ; the number of points received by AMU for individual results or in total in the last completed evaluation (results published in 2009-2013) can be found here . Results from 2008-2012 are available here.

You can enter the ERIHPlus journal database here .

AMU does not have a subscription to the Scopus database, but you can access it through the Czech Academy of Sciences (AVČR).

Data collection for RIV at AMU is handled by the grant officers of individual faculties:

MgA. et Mgr. Simona Kysilková Šnajperková (DAMU), Mgr. Petra Horká (FAMU), Ing. Kamila Mikešová (HAMU).


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