updated 3 may 2021

The academic calendar sets out in particular the start dates of the individual semesters, the dates of holiday periods and the end date of the academic year. It also sets out the periods during which students should register for subjects.

Start of the 2020/2021 academic year 1 October 2020
Matriculation 1 October 2020
Registration for required elective and elective subjects for Winter Semester 28 September – 25 October 2020
Winter Semester 1 October – 17 January 2021
Winter holidays 24 December 2020 –
3 January 2021
Examination period for Winter Semester 18 January – 26 February 2021
Registration for required elective and elective subjects for Summer Semester 15 February* – 21 March 2021
Repeat examination dates 15 February –26 February 2021
Summer Semester 1March – 6 June 2021
Examination period for Summer Semester 7 June – 11 July 2021
Summer holidays 12 July – 31 August 2021
Repeat examination dates and alternate examination dates 1 September – 20 September 2021
End of the 2020/2021 academic year 30 September 2021
Start of the 2021/2022 academic year 1 October 2021

The exact number of weeks of instruction is set by faculty calendars, but in view of the contents of specific subjects and the distribution of the academic burden in time the minimum number of weeks of contact learning is 12. In view of the constantly changing epidemiological situation, it is possible to use distance learning, hybrid learning, online learning and contact learning; it is also possible to realise certain subjects in the form of concentrated blocks or modules. The AMU Management appeals to the faculties, particularly in the case of seminar subjects which can be realised through forms of instruction other than contact learning , to respect the deadlines set out in this calendar to ensure that these subjects are completed on time. For instruction realised by central units (CJP, CPPSR), the central AMU calendar shall apply. The Rector, in cooperation with the management of the affected faculties, shall make decisions regarding the start of the standard mode of required movement subjects (in particular acrobatics) according to the situation.

*Start of entry in KOS 9:00