Types of theses

Every student must submit a thesis in text form (Bachelor’s thesis, Master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation). In certain cases, students will also submit a recorded or unrecorded artistic work or artistic performance. For clarity, these are indicated in the Academic Information System (KOS) with the upper-case letters “A” through “E” as follows:

  • "A" Theoretical work (required for every student)
  • "B" Text of a play, screenplay, photographs, projects, documentation, work previews etc.
  • "C" Audiovisual record of a play, film, video recording, etc.
  • "D" Interpretive work (played concert, conducted work, directorial or choreographic work, dancing appearance, acting appearance)
  • "E" Composition

How to write A text

This topic is covered by a separate article:  How to write a text

(This might be useful:  Numbering, e.g. from page 5)

How to correctly create the title of a work

This topic is covered by a separate article:  How to correctly create the title of a work

The ethics of writing a scholarly text and how to cite sources used

This topic is covered by a separate article:  The Ethics of Writing A Scholarly Text and How to Cite Sources Used


What I have to do before submitting my completed THESIS for the defence

  1. Submit the relevant number (find out the exact number at your faculty) printed bound exemplars of the written part of the thesis prepared according to the prescribed internal and external requirements (instructions and samples are available on the AMU website). From 1 October 2022, only one printed bound copy is required.
  2. Submit the full text, of this written work IN A SINGLE FILE through the Academic information system KOS. The contents must be completely identical with the printed version!
  3. In the Academic Information System (KOS), fill in all information about all parts of your work, i.e. separately about the written and separately about the practical or artistic part. Instructions and contextual help are available in the KOS system.
  4. Next, for each separately submitted work, print out from KOS again two exemplars of the relevant annex to the Licence Agreement; sign and submit them at the department.