Further to the Special Measure of the Ministry of Health dated 19 April 2021, the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague will operate as follows with effect from Monday, 26 April 2021:

  • Contact instruction of arts (hands-on teaching) and practice is permitted for the students in the final years of bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programmes. The students are allowed to stay at the Hradební Dormitory. Accommodation in the Hradební Dormitory is generally permitted for those students who have no other place of residence on the territory of the Czech Republic. Students staying at the Hradební Dormitory must undergo covid testing organised by the school every seven days regardless of whether or not they attend instruction in the specific week.
  • The students in all years of study are allowed to be personally present in examination in the presence of not more than 10 persons (including the teacher).
  • Admission tests are permitted subject to the requirement of personal presence of not more than 20 persons (including teachers).
  • Individual in-person consultations for students in all years of study with teachers, i.e., one student and one academic worker or other person, are permitted subject to the observance of all required sanitary measures (covered airways, hand washing and sanitising, social distancing); where online/electronic form of consultation can be used, it is the recommended procedure.
  • Students in other years of study than the final year must undergo antigen testing in public testing centres.
  • Individual visits to libraries are permitted for the purposes of receiving or returning study literature.
  • Singing as a central part of study programmes is permitted in the presence of not more than six students in one room.
  • All other instruction shall continue exclusively in the distance mode; sports as part of education remain forbidden.

Personal presence in instruction is subject to a negative covid antigen test result from a test taken at school, which is not older than seven days. The school organises the testing as follows:

  • HAMU – Mondays and Thursdays
  • FAMU – Mondays
  • DAMU – Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • Studio FAMU – Wednesdays

All information about the testing, including the access to the reservation system, is available at If a student tests at a different test point, they shall produce a certificate of a negative test result not older than 48 hours.
When on the premises of the school, everybody shall keep their airways covered, wash and sanitise their hands, and maintain social distance of at least 2 metres.

The exemption from the duty of testing applies to those who have suffered from covid-19 during the last 90 days (beginning with the first positive test result; this is to be demonstrated by a solemn declaration – the template is available for download HERE) as well as to those who have been vaccinated (on expiry of 14 days from being administered the last required dose – to be demonstrated by a vaccination certificate).

If a student’s antigen test yields a positive result, it is crucial to:

  • Prevent further spread of the infection;
  • Immediately self-isolate at home;
  • Immediately notify the Department for Student Affairs of the Faculty;
  • Contact the general practitioner by telephone;
  • Undergo a mandatory confirmation PCR test.

Detailed information regarding the operation of the individual Faculties is available on their respective websites.

PhDr. Ingeborg Radok Žádná m.p.



21. April 2021