The Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (AMU) is the Czech Republic’s largest arts school, and provides education in the areas of theatre, film, television, multimedia, music and dance. Thanks to its broad artistic scope, it is a unique school in the Central European space.

AMU cooperates with many European schools as well as educational institutions outside the EU. It is involved in a range of international artistic and research projects and is a member of international professional organisations. All three AMU faculties are headquartered in the historic centre of the Czech capital.

The Theatre Faculty (DAMU) covers a wide range of disciplines – acting, directing, puppet theatre, dramaturgy, stage design, drama in education, production, and theory and criticism. It has a repertoire stage – the DISK Theatre – for students to acquire stage experience.

DAMU offers an accredited English-language programme in dramatic disciplines at the Master’s level, short-term individual internships, exchange programmes and internships, and also supports stays by foreign pedagogues as part of European exchange programmes.

The Music and Dance Faculty (HAMU) is rooted in the Czech traditions of interpretive art, conducting, composition, music theory, choreography, dance pedagogy, dance theory and nonverbal theatre. The faculty prepares its students for careers as concert artists, pedagogues and performers. Public presentations of students’ creative work are held in Martinů Hall, the HAMU Gallery and the Inspiration Theatre.

For foreign students, HAMU offers short-term internships, an accredited programme in English in all areas, as well as study abroad, teaching abroad and internships as part of European exchange programmes.

The Film and TV School (FAMU) has trained talented individuals in the visual arts since the 1960s. The school provides students with the technical facilities of a professional film studio. The faculty and its specialist department focusing on foreign students, FAMU International, is open to students from around the world and offers accredited programmes in English and non-accredited programmes, as well as short-term internships and courses. FAMU sends and accepts foreign students and pedagogues, including exchanges within the scope of European exchange programmes. Programmes of the MIDPOINT agency are intended for specialist training of young film school graduates – scriptwriters, producers and dramaturges.

You can find additional practical information on the Study in Prague website.



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