Scholarships and fees


AMU provides financial support to its students in the form of scholarships. These are used in various situations – for example, as a social benefit if a student is in a difficult situation, or as a tangible reward for exceptional results in various activities connected with studies.

In accordance with the provisions of Section 91 of the Higher Education Act, a school or faculty grants scholarships according to Scholarship Rules. According to the provisions of Section 17(1g) of the Act, the Scholarship Rules are an internal regulation of public higher education institutions.

The Scholarship Rules contain the specifics of scholarships for excellent academic results, special-purpose scholarships, doctoral scholarships, scholarships to support study abroad, scholarships to support accommodation, and social scholarships.

Fees for studying in an English-language programme

The amount of the fee is set on the basis of a real calculation of costs for the academic programme in question. You can find the amount of the fee for individual programmes by faculty here:

Fees for above-standard administrative tasks are set by Decree of the Rector No. 1/2015, stipulating the fees for above-standard administrative actions